Hola (Hello)

img_7022Hola! I’m Ili Hernandez, creator and writer of this blog. I’m an IT professional  and at first I started to bake for others wanting to get into the cupcake craziness. Then I realized that I have more fun baking when I don’t have to, but when I want to bake. No pressure and no questions asked. I think my mood and stress reflects on my cooking and some of my cupcakes were a little stressed out at times!

The present:

I live in Nashville, TN with my husband, human kids (2) , and furry kids (2 dogs to be exact). Yes I have a full house! My kids are teaching me to stop and smell the chocolate! I’m a self-declared chocoholic. I love the smell, texture, and taste of all kinds of chocolates. I like baking with it or just eating it alone.

The past:
As a former flight attendant and US Army Veteran, I’ve traveled the world and with that, tasted all kinds of food. Some looked good and tasted good. Some looked ok and tasted amazing! Yes, I mainly eat with my eyes first then with my nose and mouth. I’ve learned to overcome the look of a dish, as long as it’s edible!

The future:
I’ll like this blog to reflect all the things that make me whole. And who knows, in the process you might find some things that we have in common.

The Why?
At first I wanted a space to organize all my recipes. I got tired of having pieces of papers tucked inside several cookbooks. At the same time I want to be able to easily share those recipes and convey how food makes me feel, think and reflect about life. Eventually I want my kids to be able to read all the stories behind the recipes. To be able to put a date and time to everything that happens in our kitchen. To me that’s priceless! Then I came to realize that my world is more than just cooking and baking, so I wanted to add the other aspects of my life that I reflect on, photography, travel, and crafting.

You will get all kinds of recipes. A one stop blog to gather uncomplicated and delicious recipes that the average person can enjoy at home without needing any crazy kitchen gadget or culinary degree. In addition, get a good feel about restaurants in Nashville and anywhere that my travels take me. And in between you can enjoy random photography from my every day life and projects that come along the way. This is a space to feel good about cooking, baking, eating and living!

Thank you for stopping by!



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