Hola (Hello)

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Hola! I’m Ili Cage (Fray), creator and writer of this blog. I’m a Customer Success Executive and back in 2013 I started this blog. I was a brand new mom to my almost 13 year old daughter! Time sure flies.

I was first inspired by the cupcake craziness of those years and I just love to cook/bake for others. Fast forward to 8 years later, and I grateful for my health, my family, and being absolutely happy!

I’m still in Nashville, TN with my children and husband. This small town is not small any more. I decided to take on 2022 with a bit more purpose. Going back to what I love, travel and food.

Here you will find some recipes and my food/travel adventures. It’s like my unorganized journal where I come back often to try to remember what I baked or did when.

As you continue to explore this blog, my hope is that my stories resonate with you and that you find inspiration to explore the world around you both near and far. 

Thank you for stopping by and chat with you soon!




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