Hola (Hello)

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Hola! I’m Ili Cage (Fray), creator and writer of this blog. I’m a Customer Success Executive and back in 2013 I started this blog. I was a brand new mom to my almost 13 year old daughter! Time sure flies.

I was first inspired by the cupcake craziness of those years and I just love to cook/bake for others. Fast forward to 8 years later, and I grateful for my health, my family, and being absolutely happy!

I’m still in Nashville, TN with my children and husband. This small town is not small any more. I decided to take on 2022 with a bit more purpose. Going back to what I love, cooking/baking.

Here you will find some recipes and my food/travel adventures. It’s like my unorganized journal where I come back often to try to remember what I baked or did when.

I hope you find delicious and inspiring recipes and ideas to incorporate into your busy schedule. 

Thank you for stopping by!




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