Gallo Family Vineyards Sangria – Fruit party in my palette


I’m the first one to admit that I can be a creature of habit. This can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. So as I do every week or two weeks (depending on what kind of week I’ve had), yesterday I headed to my local liquor store to pick up my usual red wine. That being said, I was feeling a little adventurous.

I ran into (ok, walked into) the Gallo Family Vineyards Sangria.
The bottle reminded me of the amazing 3 weeks I spent traveling throughout Spain in 2006 for my honeymoon.
The funny thing is that this bottle is from California. I immediately thought, what do Californians know about sangria?
Well, curiosity killed the cat. I went on and bought the bottle. 🙂
I uncorked the bottle and could immediately smell the fruitiness. Love that smell!
I prepared a small glass with ice and poured some.
I literally felt goose bumps as I was taking my first sip. It was a combination of nostalgia and joy. It reminded me of the countless sangrias I had while in Spain. I had to make sure that each region that I visited had a great sangria ;).
Drinking sangria in Spain is like having a Coke in the US. So as they say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” It was my duty and honor to act like a Spaniard during my trip.
Don’t ask me why, but then I asked myself: Is there such a thing as random alcohol testing in Spain? If there is, then how do people drink sangria during lunch and then return to work? Or is it socially acceptable to just have a drink and get back to work. I’m leaning towards the latter. Maybe that makes people more productive. 🙂
As I kept drinking this smooth, fruity and light sangria I thought Californian’s can produce a very nice sangria.
The only thing that could have made this better is if I would’ve taken the time to add some fresh fruit. But I was just too lazy. Maybe next time I will. 🙂
This one is making it to my liquor store list.

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