Mardi Gras Y’All – Riverfront Nashville


This is how Nashville celebrated Mardi Gras. Great weather, pleasant crowd, live music and amazing food…Let’s talk about food. 🙂



My husband surprised me with the above selection from Jonbalaya catering food truck. To the far left is a shrimp Po Boy. The dish next to it I can’t remember what it was. It’s followed by a cinnamon king cake and another mystery dish to the far right.

All I can tell you is that I tried a little of all. Everything was delicious and fresh. It reminded me of the last time I was in New Orleans (about 10 years ago). Maybe one day I’ll be back.



This was my favorite part…dessert. What can I say? I’m a sucker for sweets.
We shared a scoop of salted caramel, dark chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream from Jenis‘ ice cream truck.
It just reminded me how close we are to Spring. This ice cream was rich and creamy. Super delicious!


It’s amazing how powerful food can be. How it can transport you to a place, a smell or a time in your life.

Hope you had a nice Fat Tuesday! 🎉

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