Easy Bake Oven

Easy bake oven Image from www.babble.com

Easy bake oven
Image from http://www.babble.com

I’m having a vintage moment… 🙂

Did you ever use an Easy Bake Oven? It sure was the cool toy back in the 70s.

Feel free to comment with any memorable experiences.


  1. Jodi says:

    Growing up, I asked for one EVERY SINGLE YEAR for Christmas, and it is the one thing my mother would never get me. She was a clean freak and it was too messy. Was never allowed play doh either. 😦 BOO! Anyway – years later after I was married, had children and my own home, my Mom bought me one – just to be silly.

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  2. I LOVED my Easy Bake Oven. It was peacock blue and I used it to bake many yummy cookies and cakes with its high powered lightbulb heat source. Brings back great memories. Love Jodi’s response above – how her mom bought her one as an adult – funny 😃

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  3. ohiophotogrl says:

    Pretty sure mine looked just like that. I. Do have a story. I have been wanting to help my mother cook in the kitchen but she kept telling me no. So one year for Christmas I asked for one of these ovens. I got it and became the best lightbulb cooker there was. So mom let me try to help her make cookies one day in the real oven. I reached in and pulled out the pan with my bare hand. I was banished from the kitchen again. A story I will never ever forget.

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