Barcelona Wine Bar – Edgehill Village

Not every place gives you a good first impression. As a matter of fact, the first time I visited Barcelona Wine Bar I left disappointed. I had been watching the space transform from a clothing store to a restaurant for what seemed like a long for ever. The promise that it would be awesome Spanish food kept me waiting at the edge of my seat for the day they would finally announce the grand opening.
And then it finally came, late last year they opened and it was the biggest hype at Edgehill Village. I imagine just like many restaurants that open, they have to work out the kinks and find their sweet spot for running a successful location. I get it.
That being said, this post is not about my bad experience, but how Barcelona Wine Bar turned a negative into a positive. I have to say it was a ‘night and day difference’ in many aspects.
So here’s to second chances and amazing food. Cheers!

White Sangria - Barcelona Wine Bar. Picture by Edible Reflections.

White Sangria – Barcelona Wine Bar. Picture by Edible Reflections.

Eating at Barcelona reminded us of our honeymoon over 10 years ago. We ate a lot of paellas throughout Spain, but one that sticks out is the one from Miguelito El Cariñoso Restaurante in Malaga, Spain. Barcelona Wine Bar sure is a sweet spot to bring up some awesome memories.

Barcelona Wine Bar
1200 Villa Place #110
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 327-0600

Thanks for stopping by.
Eat up and travel often!

Ili 🙂


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