Magnolia Bakery – Penn Station

One of the first bake cookbooks I bought way back when I decided I wanted to learn to bake cupcakes was the Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook. The first item I baked was the vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing for my daughter’s fist birthday. Now this was 8 years ago. I still go back to that cookbook to look at recipes I want to try.

While in New York City last week, I couldn’t help myself, and I had to stop by one of the Magnolia Bakery’s locations to try them out. It was certainly a hunt as I decided to try it’s Penn Station location. It’s. A. Maze! We probably got lost a million times. We asked for directions twice, called the bakery once and walked all over the platforms in Penn Station. That being said, we got there and got to try them along with some hot chocolate.

Next time, I’ll try some of their other baked goods.

Magnolia Bakery
1 Penn Plaza
Lower Concourse
New York, NY 10119
(212) 462-2860

Until next time!

Ili 🙂




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