Pancake Pantry – Gatlinburg, TN

Part of the beauty of travel is the ability of try different food and forget about any diets. Let’s be real. It stinks to have eating restrictions while on vacation, unless they’re for health purposes.

I absolutely love the old fashioned coffee mugs. I think I had my pinky up when I was drinking it. 🙂

Now you would think that it was an easy task to get to Pancake Pantry. Logistically speaking, it was easy. Just a couple of blocks from our hotel. But the wait…..Oh Lord the wait! We tried the day before around 10am and the wait was 2 hours. So this morning we set our alarm at 6am and headed out at 7am. We were seated by 7:20am and out the door with full tummies by 8am. The line outside was around the building!

It was worth the wait. The alarm going off really early was rough, but the nap after breakfast was heaven.

I love my trips with my fiancé.

Have beautiful and safe travels in 2021!

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