Homemade Breakfast Tacos

Edible Reflections

Breakfast tacos

As much as I love to go out for a meal, I certainly appreciate cooking and preparing meals at home. It’s not only convenient, but faster than getting two young children ready and out the door to go to a restaurant. Parenthood has a way of teaching us not only to be ingenious, but also practical. At least that’s one of the many wonderful things I’ve gotten out of this journey so far. 

Edible Reflections

Breakfast tacos


Breakfast tacos

That said, I’ve learned to put together all sorts of very quick meals made with what’s immediately available in my pantry … so here’s one of them:


Sweetwater Valley Farm roasted garlic pepper cheese (as much as you want!)

Ousley Ouch salsa (as much as you want too!)

Soft taco shells

Scrambled eggs


1- Scramble eggs as you normally would and set aside.

2- Place soft taco shells between two slightly wet paper towels and microwave for 30 seconds.

3- Place as much cheese, salsa and scrambled eggs onto your soft taco shells and roll them up.

4- Enjoy!!!!

This recipe can’t possibly take you more than 15 minutes to make … and it tastes so good the kids usually eat it in less time! So, when going to a restaurant with kids seems like a tough outing, recipes like this make sense. And if you can get kids out the door and fed in less time, please feel free to share your secrets! 🙂

Enjoy, Bon Appetit, Buen Provecho!

Sweetwater Valley Farm – 1798 W. Lee Highway, Philadelphia, TN 37846 – 877.862.4332

Ousley Ouch salsa – Nashville’s Homemade Salsa Company

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