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Noshville Delicatessen

Avocado turkey pastrami omelet - Noshville Delicatessen

Avocado turkey pastrami omelet – Noshville Delicatessen

I’ve been to Noshville many times, but on this occasion I remembered to take pictures before devouring my food…It’s that awesome!!!! 🙂 Continue reading

Country Boy Restaurant – Leiper’s Fork, TN


Country Boy Restaurant – Leiper’s Fork, TN
Image by Edible Reflections

Shortly after moving to Nashville I was introduced to fried pickles. I’ve tried a few in the last 7 years, but by far the ones at Country Boy Restaurant are the best. They were cooked perfectly. Their crunchiness was enough to satisfy my craving no matter the time of day. Continue reading

Cobbler’s Cafe

Edible Reflections

Cobbler’s Cafe- picture by Edible Reflections

Elizabethtown, KY is a charming town with art, history and great food. Cobbler’s Cafe gives you an at-home feeling. Comfortable enough to almost (almost!) take your shoes off as if you were in your couch at home. Now, don’t do that because I’m sure they won’t appreciate it. But you get the picture. Right?! Continue reading

Sugar Fashion Cakes



I love going on road trips while the kids are in school. This means going to places no more than two to three hours away from Nashville. One of the places that our business, Blues Vintage Guitars, took us is Elizabethtown, KY. This small town is full of charm, history and great cupcakes.

I’m always looking for the local bakery to try new confections. That’s when we ran into Sugar Fashion Cakes located in its beautiful historic district.

I ordered the strawberry cupcake filled with Bavarian cream and topped with buttercream and glitter. I just couldn’t resist the glitter 😊. My husband ordered the sunday cupcake for the kids. It was chocolate cake with sprinkles chocolate ganache, buttercream and a cherry on top.

I had every intention of driving back to Nashville and eat my strawberry cupcake at home. Of course that didn’t happen. Fifteen minutes into our drive back, I broke into the cupcake box, took a couple of pictures and went into a sweetness comma.

The strawberry cupcake was moist, delicious and huge (did I mention it was a jumbo cupcake?). Having this cupcake was like having lunch. But you know what? I didn’t feel guilty at all. I will welcome this type of lunch any day.

Our kids had the sunday cupcake. There have been very few times so far where my kids are not making any noise and are actually eating. This was one of them. I haven’t heard my daughter say ‘thank you’ so many times in a row.

Sugar Fashion Cakes have amazing cupcakes so if you’re visiting Elizabethtown, stop by the historic district and grab a cupcake or two. 🙂


Sugar Fashion Cakes – 109 North Mulberry, Elizabethtown, KY 42701.

Sugar Fashion Cakes

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