Casa Segovia-Paz


Empanadas by Casa Segovia-Paz

Empanadas by Casa Segovia-Paz….want to see more? Click here


Empanadas by Casa Segovia-Paz


Empanadas by Casa Segovia-Paz

As you all know I was born and raised in Panama. And besides from missing my family and friends, I miss the food…I mean I really miss the food.

My husband and I went to the Donelson Farmers Market just to see what was out there. When we see a sign that said “empanadas”, we stopped faster than a Ferrari when the radar detector goes off. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We looked at each other in disbelieve. We live in Nashville so the closest thing to Latin food are Mexican restaurants all over town.

We had the “empanada de carne” (ground beef empanada). Loraine, while frying the empanadas, told us about her catering business Casa Segovia-Paz, which we found very impressive.

We walked away with our hot empanadas and hot “salsa verde” (green sauce). I took one bite and I thought I was back in Panama with my aunts eating. It was amazing! I was delighted… I finally have a taste of home in Nashville. The meat was tasty and juicy. It had a little kick to it that I couldn’t figure out what spice it was. After a few bites I decided to just enjoy the empanada. It was heaven. I felt like in high school eating my favorite snack/meal.

So what do you do when you find something this good…You buy more of it!!!

And so we did, we ordered 10 more empanadas to-go while we walked the rest of the market. At that point nothing else sparked our interest. We were so happy about the empanadas. We grabbed our stash and ran home.

Needless to say, we changed our dinner plans. In the menu: empanadas and mac-n-cheese (for the kids).

I’ll be visiting the market a bit more often. 🙂

Casa Segovia-Paz – anywhere and everywhere, Nashville, TN (615) 601-0407

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