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Dark Chocolate Ganache Hot Chocolate – Bye Polar Vortex

Dark Chocolate Ganache Hot Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Ganache Hot Chocolate
Image by Edible Reflections

We’re finally thawing out after record temperatures throughout the US. I’ve never felt this cold in Nashville. So with that I got creative. 😉 Continue reading

Happy National Brownie Day!



Happy National Brownie Day! I know I’m a little late baking these. To be honest I forgot all about it. 🙂  Continue reading

The Best Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Edible Reflections

The Best Dark Chocolate Cupcakes by Edible Reflections

I have taken several recipes and revised them to come up with the best dark chocolate cupcakes you’ll ever have.
You might be surprised of the ingredients or you might not. What I can guarantee is that you and your loved ones will not be disappointed. Continue reading

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