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Edible Reflections – Tag along!

Edible Reflections

Edible Reflections

Use the Edible Reflections tag on your yummy posts to be featured on the Weekly Favorite Food Posts.


1-Include a recipe for your amazing creation.
2-It can be food, dessert, or drinks.
3-Make sure to use tag Edible Reflections so other bloggers can find your post.
4-Have fun! 🙂

I’m looking forward to seeing your posts tagged with Edible Reflections and each week I will select at least 4 to be featured on the Weekly Favorite Food Post.

The selected posts will have a link back to your post and main page of your blog.

Here are some sample Weekly Favorite Food Posts:

Weekly Favorite Food Post 12/4/2014
Weekly Favorite Food Post 11/27/2014
Weekly Favorite Food Post 11/22/2014

See you soon! 🙂

Homemade Cranberry Juice


Homemade Cranberry Juice Love the beautiful red color

Homemade Cranberry Juice
Love the beautiful red color

I had 2 bags of fresh cranberries and kept debating what to do with them. It finally occurred to me to make cranberry juice. So here goes the recipe.  Continue reading

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